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No Facebook Proxy Server Needed

Using a secure Facebook proxy enables you to connect to Facebook at places like school and work that ban Facebook but using a proxy might not be the best idea. Here, we have tips to get onto Facebook without a proxy server.

Alternatives to Using a Facebook Proxy – TRY THIS FIRST!

You can use an app on your smart phone or iPad. You can connect your computer to your smart phone if you have a good data plan and use that to connect instead.

The first thing to try is these addresses. They might not be blocked since they’re not the normal Facebook URLs but they work:

Free Facebook Proxy Software

You may have come here looking to download free Facebook proxy server software We don’t offer that software or links to servers – mainly because we don’t trust them. Again, a lot of them contain malware and they should not be trusted. There are other methods to use, so try other things first.

What is a Proxy Server?

The word proxy means:

A person authorized to act for another; an agent or substitute. (thefreedictionary.com)

With computers, it’s not a person but another computer. There’s another computer somewhere else that acts in your place and then you connect to that server. It’s like getting your information from someone else instead of directly but with computers, there’s no loss of information. It’s slower but it works.

How Does a Facebook Proxy Server Work?

If you were to use a proxy server, how it works is that instead of connecting directly to Facebook, you connect to another server and then that server connects to Facebook so that you can view your Facebook account. It works because the proxy server that you are connecting to is not blacklisted by your university, school or work. They don’t know about the proxy, so you are able to view Facebook.

You can either set up your own Facebook proxy using another server or your home computer or you can find a free one out there.

Some Disadvantages

When using an anonymous Facebook proxy, you may run into a few problems or issues.

It’s slower. You’re connecting twice, basically. You have to wait for the server you are connecting to, to first connect and then send the info to you.

Privacy might be a concern. You’re at the mercy of whomever is running this proxy server for you. They essentially get your Facebook login information, so it’s not secure. If you use a Facebook proxy and then find that your Facebook account has been hacked, this may be why.

Some Facebook proxy servers might show ads at the top or bottom or side of the page. They think that if you’re using their services for free that you might click on their advertising.

Also this Facebook proxy software that you download for free might very well be full of viruses and malware. It can install software to grab your username and password and hack your account. You don’t want this – so just do not use Facebook proxy software.



Try what we list above first and see if that works for you. If not, then you might decide to use a Facebook proxy after all.

Check around this website as we will have more tips for you. Let us know if you have any comments or questions.

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